Twitter style layout with text Once you have a great team member on board, how do you keep them?

How do you keep your outsourced team members? 🤔

By: Jo Hall (FSSA™ CFP®DipFP BApplEcon), Managing Director, Qwrk Outsourcing   This is one of the most important questions to address whenever you have a valuable outsourced team member on board. Now I can only talk for the Philippines, but I can tell you that the team members in the

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START, STOP, KEEP: Achieve Best Partnership Through Feedback

By: Jo Hall (FSSA™ CFP®DipFP BApplEcon), Managing Director, Qwrk Outsourcing   The success of outsourcing partnerships is not solely dependent on selecting the right service provider. Building a strong relationship with your outsourced team members is crucial for long-term success.   One way that I deem effective in nurturing these

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Think Beyond Cyber

By: Jo Hall (FSSA™ CFP®DipFP BApplEcon)      I recently asked for questions for those that have never outsourced, or for experiences for those that have. One of the first points that was raised as a concern was around Cyber Security—which I wholeheartedly agree with!   I would however challenge you

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Qwrk Outsourcing Latest News

Bringing Qwrk Outsourcing’s Vivid Vision to life  Last year, we had the entire team help build our Vivid Vision- that is, what our Company will look like, feel like, be like in three years’ time. This was a great opportunity to understand from each person in the team, what drives

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