What data security measures do you have in place?

We treat your data as our own. Click here to know more about the data security measures we have in place. 


What software do you use?

Qwrk Outsourcing (formerly SMSF Paraplanners) utilises the Microsoft platform as our core software.

From a financial planning perspective, our team can be integrated into the software your practice uses. This includes but is not limited to Fin365, Xplan, Coin, Workflow Max, Worksorted and Salesforce.


Do I get assigned a dedicated Paraplanner?

Qwrk Outsourcing offers two models:

  Dedicated Paraplanner- where a paraplanner will be assigned to working with your practice on a full time basis

  Ad-hoc Paraplanning- where you will be assigned to a “Pod” of paraplanners and can send SOA/ROA  requests as required

Click here to know more our paraplanning services.


Do I get assigned a dedicated Client Services Officer?

Yes, your Client Services Officer will be assigned to your practice on a full time basis.

Click here for more details about Client Services Officers.


What tasks can a Client Service Officer complete?

Our CSOs complete a wide-ranging type of tasks. These include (but are not limited to):

  Pre review- ensuring the Advisers are prepared for their review meeting

  Research- supporting the Adviser or Dedicated Paraplanners to complete all research required for your file

  Implementation- preparation of forms, lodgements and follow ups

  Annual fee management- completion of required letters and forms, lodgement and follow up

  Marketing- client segmentation, managing client mailouts, social media posts

  CRM management- data entry, file and document maintenance

  File checks

Please contact us to explore which tasks you can outsource successfully.


Can the Paraplanners and Client Services Officers work together?

Yes of course! As part of our onboarding process, we will work with you to understand how work flows through your business. We will provide guidance as to how the team members can work together, to ensure a combined efficient process.


Can I add more team members as I require?

Yes! We will work with you to understand how your business is scaling to ensure our resourcing can match yours.


What tasks can the Software Services team complete?

Our Software Services team primarily support data migration, cleansing and maintenance for CRM Solution- Fin365.

The tasks include (but are not limited to):

  Migration from existing data sources (CRM, spreadsheets) to Fin365

  Bulk data cleansing via product or revenue

  Regular maintenance – revenue management, data feed management

  Granular cleansing- individualised (per client) data cleansing

  Coding and customisation of document templates

  Customised workflow management building (through cases or opportunities)

Please contact us to explore how our team can assist with your data journey.


What training do the team members receive?

Training is a core function internally.  All team members, regardless of role receive 1 week induction training followed by job specific training which ranges from 2 weeks- 2 months depending on the role.

To learn more about the training we provide our team members, please click here.

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