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Qwrk Outsourcing’s (formerly SMSF Paraplanners) reputation for quality starts with the foundation of compliance.

Qwrk Outsourcing’s compliance team upholds the integrity of Financial Planner’s advice, by ensuring its strict compliance with the regulatory requirements of the Australian financial services industry through a thorough audit of all Statement of Advice (SOA) and Record of Advice (RoA) documents (SOA/ROA), along with all supporting file documents.

Qwrk Outsourcing’s compliance team is one of the most experienced outsourced compliance teams in the Industry. With a combined experience of over 20 years, the team offers a range of services internally to the Qwrk Outsourcing paraplanning team as well as to financial planning practices directly.

Qwrk Outsourcing’s Compliance team services include:

  • Plan and design compliance risk processes – policies and procedures to maintain effective control over compliance obligations.
  • Proactively and constructively work with Paraplanners to ensure all SoA and RoA documents produced, demonstrate that the advice is in the best interest of the clients.
  • Proactively and constructively work with Financial Planning practices to ensure all client files tell the client’s story, again, clearly demonstrating best interest duty and safe habour steps.
  • Assisting Financial Planning practices with pre-vetting of files, prior to advice being delivered.
  • Assisting Financial Planning practices with whole client file checks, at the end of the advice process, providing advice for any remediation required.
  • Keeping up with any legislative and licensee policy updates and ensuring this information is passed on to relevant parties to make sure our internal paraplanning team and the Financial Planning advice practice are able to stay up to date on all changes.
  • Ensure consistency with licensee/s and practice/s’ quality and standards by promoting a positive culture of compliance support to the Paraplanners and to our practice/s.
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