Mental Health is as important as physical Health.

As an organization that advocates for mental health awareness, we at Qwrk Outsourcing (formerly SMSF Paraplanners) aim to create a safe, comfortable, and non-judgemental environment where our team members can speak about their mental well-being openly without fear of stigma or discrimination. 

Each Qwrk Outsourcing (formerly SMSF Paraplanners) team member is entitled to 6 free counseling sessions per year with our reliable psychological services provider.

With every individual’s well-being in mind, we make sure that our team members are supported every step of the way. Apart from making mental health services accessible to our team members who need it, Qwrk Outsourcing Mental Health and Wellness Program organizes activities that shed light on topics such as self-care, awareness, mindfulness, stress management, and many more. 

Run by our leadership team and a pool of dedicated mental health advocates within our organization, our Mental Health and Wellness Program aspires to be a catalyst of normalizing conversations around mental health both inside and outside the workplace.

Art Therapy


RBE Psychological Services Session

Mental health pathfinding with RBE Psychological Services

Be Kind To Your Mind

Break time podcast sessions celebrating Mental Health Day and Emotional Wellness Month

Understanding Our Love Languages

Different people with different personalities give and receive love in different ways 

MHW Drop-in Sessions

Cozy conversations over lunch where anyone can talk about anything

Friday Activity

Dance Therapy

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