Our culture is what ties our close-knit community together.

We live and breathe our core values: Teamwork, Integrity, Excellence and being Spirited.

We love to work, we love to play, foster a culture of rest, make sure the members of our team are heard, and do our best to pay it forward to the community that nurtures us.


We take work and play seriously!

Game of Inches

Every individual’s voice matters

Bridging Communities

How we pay it forward to the community

How we work

Flat structure

We don’t believe in hierarchy. Our founder, managers, and team members are always just one tap away—whether we need support, want to share our ideas, or just simply hang out!

Office Hours

Our working hours are exclusively dayshift and once induction training is done, each employee is given the liberty to choose their preferred shift.


We give utmost importance to each individual’s wellbeing and make sure to create programs and provide benefits that cater to both our physical and mental health.

Weekends off

As much as we like working, we also really love our times off. Weekends are for rest and recreation!

Education & Training

We make sure to keep our team members up to date with the ever-changing landscape of the financial planning industry and offer company-shouldered learning opportunities such as getting an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning for paraplanners and training that incur CPD points for various roles.

Each member’s voice matters

We see to it that every individual’s thoughts are heard. Each member is encouraged to speak up and we created a system called ‘Game of Inches’ where all employees can present solution-based suggestions to help the company improve.

Financial Literacy

We value every team member’s growth—may it be professional or personal. We provide training on financial literacy, and programs such as our Employee Savings Programme to help our team members’ financial wisdom flourish.

Events & Activities

We have an amazing in-house events team that never fails to give everyone in the company a good time—from weekly activities, to company-wide parties!

We care for your privacy

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