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Financial Planning practice efficiency is driven through smart technology. After analysing various software solutions in 2021, Qwrk Outsourcing (formerly SMSF Paraplanners) chose to partner with Fin365, to assist Financial Planning practices move to a CRM that delivers integration, simple customisation and advanced business intelligence.

In 2023, Qwrk Outsourcing (formerly SMSF Paraplanners) Software Services team merged into Fin365- now called Fin365 Services.

Fin365 helps financial services practices unlock the power of Microsoft 365 enterprise technologies; turning these powerful tools into instantly useful solutions that deliver tangible benefits for practices.

Discover Fin365’s industry specific solutions

The main goal for the software services team is to improve business management by providing clarity and improved productivity.

  • Clarity – Businesses will be able to get a clearer picture of every aspect of their business, through organised collection, storage, and presentation of data.
  • Improved Productivity – A clear picture of your business will allow you to identify, implement and monitor the impact of improvements in multiple areas of your business.

Qwrk Outsourcing software services team assists practices to get the most out of their data.

Qwrk Outsourcing software services team can assist with:

  • Project management of migration of data from third party software platforms into Fin365
  • Revenue Management – linking your revenue transactions to advisers, clients, products, referral partners & product providers within Fin365, which in turn enables the powerful management reporting via Power BI.
  • Workflow Management – building bespoke sequences to manage your workflows and embed checklists to ensure compliance obligations are met throughout the process.
  • Third Party Integration –by integrating data from available partners, you will eliminate unnecessary data entry, enhance business efficiency and enrich client experience.
  • Document coding – maximise the efficiency of the data you hold by coding frequently used documents, reducing the amount of time spent on manual creation of documents and forms.
  • Bulk data cleansing services to update large sets of data at once, saving on time and cost.
  • Granular cleansing services (ie individual client files) to ensure you are capturing as much data about your clients as possible in one place.

Qwrk Outsourcing can also assist with monthly data management:

  • Monthly revenue management– ensuring your revenue data is kept up to date within the software
  • Monthly product data feed management – ensuring third party integrations are maintained across all clients.

We would love to explore your data cleaning needs with you. Please contact us to learn how we may assist.

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