Client Services Officers

Qwrk Outsourcing’s (formerly SMSF Paraplanners) Client Services Officers / Financial Planning Assistants are dedicated to a specific Financial Planning Practice on a full or part-time basis. This means that they can be integrated into your workflows, ensuring they become a true extension of your team.

The Financial Planning Assistants are overseen by our CSO Team Leaders who provide HR support, training, and assistance in completing financial planning administration tasks, bespoke for your practice.

Outsourcing tasks to your Financial Planning Assistants will save you time, allowing you and your Client management team more face-to-face time in front of your clients. The tasks the Financial Planning Assistants can complete include (but are not limited to) the following:

Pre-review tasks:

  • Book in-client meetings
  • Liaise with clients
  • Preparation of various documents for the Adviser’s review meetings
  • Conducting research calls
  • Generating product portfolio reports
  • Data entry into Xplan/ Plutosoft/ Fin365/ Worksorted or other CRMs
  • Preparation of fact finds
  • Preparation of Client Service Agreements/ AAAs
  • Preparation of product application forms

Adviser support tasks:

  • Update Xplan/ Plutosoft/ Fin365/ Worksorted/ other CRM with the latest client information
  • Generation of Fact Finds with updated information
  • Third-Party Authority research
  • Product cost comparisons
  • Insurance quote preparation
  • Application forms
  • Lodgement/ Implementation and follow-ups

Other tasks:

  • Annual fee management
  • Marketing- client segmentation, managing client reviews and campaigns
  • Full file checks 

Our Financial Planning Assistant’s goal is to create a more efficient process by ensuring that all the necessary review documents are complete, accurate, and readily available in preparation for the Client’s annual review meeting.

Qwrk Outsourcing aims to provide reliable, integrated support in the advice process by creating documents, generating reports, updating databases, conducting research, and many more services.

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