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Bringing Qwrk Outsourcing’s Vivid Vision to life 

Last year, we had the entire team help build our Vivid Vision- that is, what our Company will look like, feel like, be like in three years’ time. This was a great opportunity to understand from each person in the team, what drives them and also what sort of company we will have been proud to have built.

The next part of this journey was for our Executive Management team to clearly defined our 5 year BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) and the road map to get there.

This has meant we have revisited our Core values - Teamwork, Integrity, Excellence and Spirited as well as our Why- “We Love to help”. We are unified in that this is the core foundation of our business today and in the future.

We also defined our brand promises to ensure we are clear on what we are delivering to you- our practices.  These have been defined as Support, Time, Partnership:
  • Fanatical SUPPORT for our Clients, our team members, our community 
  • Giving the practice more TIME to see, and therefore help, more clients 
  • A True PARTNERSHIP in growing and adapting together 
Now that we have reaffirmed our foundation, our promises, we are excited to continue on a clearly mapped journey.

Our roadmap is broken into yearly goals and then down into quarterly themes (or quests) to ensure the entire team is engaged in our journey ahead. We would like to share these with you, and also, from time to time, ask for your help.


From Wow to KAPOW! Customer Service Hero- Quarterly Quest 

Our first Quarterly Quest for July- September is “From Wow to KAPOW! Customer Service Hero”. For the next 12 weeks, each team member will be on a quest to not only wow their clients, but to take it to KAPOW!! (Think back to the 70’s Batman TV show)… As part of this program, we will be running training sessions with the team to go back to basics and reintroduce the core of great Customer Service. We will be running role specific training on what each team member can do to look for ways, every day, to deliver a great client experience.

This quest will be run like a video game (hence the name), whereby every time the team member achieves a “Wow” they will receive a “life” and we will be capturing each person’s journey on their quest to move from Wow to KAPOW!

This is where we please need your help! Next week we will be sending a very short 3 question survey to get a gauge on where we are at today. We will then ask you to do the same at the end of our quest, to see how far we have come. Can we please ask you to take 1 minute to answer these surveys- thank you!

Over the course of our 12 weeks, we will also be asking you to share with us each time your team member “Wows” you or if something a team member does, contributes to a “Wow moment” for one of your Clients.

We will provide you with information in early July as to the easiest way to do this- thank you in advance for your help with this and watch this space.


QAR Announcements

It was great to see some common sense moves from the QAR announcement earlier this week.

In particular, we welcome the news for the removal of FDS statements and a streamlined approach to fee consent. This, along with many of Financial Adviser requirements, is an overly complicated process for what should be incredibly simple.

Of course, the announcement that gives us the greatest joy is the reconsideration of Statement of Advice documents to a “fit for purpose” advice document. Whist it may be some time before we see the outcome come to fruition, we will certainly be active participants in consultation processes where possible.

Qwrk Outsourcing are keen advocates for a Summary of Advice, rather than lengthy Statement of Advice- whereby the online document would be engaging, informative and something the client actually reads and understands. We have been testing various software programs to build a prototype for what we believe this should look like- if you have thoughts as to how you would love to present advice, please contact Jo so we can build something that truly adds value!

Qwrk Outsourcing name change update

Thank you for all of the wonderful feedback many of you have provided about our recent name change from SMSF Paraplanners to Qwrk Outsourcing. In particular, thank you to Tony Pearson from Nest Egg Solutions and Toby Winten and Jess Biddle from Hall Chadwick Queensland for helping us with the rebrand and testimonial videos.

We knew that our name has been holding us back for some time in representing the business that we have grown to today. We are very much more than just paraplanning, with growing Lending Assistance, Client Services, Software Services and Compliance teams- thank you for your continued support and if you need any further help, please let us know!

North Online – 2 Factor Authentication requirements

We are aware that North online are moving to 2 factor authentication. From communications, they are looking to move in Q3, 2023. At this stage, they are saying that the only option for this is via mobile phone.

As you are aware, as part of our commitment to data security, we do not allow mobile phones to be kept at the team member’s desks. We have raised our concerns with North regarding this and we have been actively working with them to facilitate alternate means for multi factor authentication. We will keep you posted as this develops.

Thank you again for your continued support! We love partnering with you to deliver quality financial planning advice. If there is anything we can do to further support your practice- please let us know! Likewise, if you know of any other Financial planning Practices which could use our support- please let them know about us. Thank you!


Warmest regards,

Joanne Hall

Managing Director

M: 0402 242 797


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