2023 Kickoff: Qwrk Outsourcing Updates

Qwrk Outsourcing (formerly SMSF Paraplanners) online meeting

By: Jo Hall (FSSA™ CFP®DipFP BApplEcon) 


What an absolute cracking start to 2023! I can honestly say that I can’t remember a year like this. The alignment of the team, the momentum, the action being taken. 

Here are some quick update on what is happening in the world of Qwrk Outsourcing (formerly SMSF Paraplanners) and what this means for you. 


Qwrk Outsourcing Software Services merges into Fin365 Services. 

Our Software Services division has now formally merged into Fin365 Services, effective 1st February. 

For the last 18 months, our Software Services division has been assisting practices to assess, migrate, and cleanse their data through Fin365 CRM. We have been working hand in hand with the team at Fin365 to ensure that our practices are getting the most out of the software in the shortest amount of time. 

The achievements we have seen from the practices that have truly grasped and run with the software over the last 18 months have been remarkable. We spoke with Aimee from Burke Britton recently and asked her how Fin365 is going. She said, “I love it, the team love it! Revenue tracking is now working well; previously we had many missed and outdated amounts, but now it tracks perfectly. The team are loving the ongoing expected amounts and we notice any discrepancies so much more easily now. I am grateful for the support the Software Services team have given us to get this right.” 

Partnering with practices to help them achieve their goals is exactly what has drawn Fin365 and Qwrk Outsourcing together. Our merger is a result of finding a true alignment of values between the two businesses and the realisation that we all have a common goal- to help our practices deliver more advice, to more Australians, more efficiently. 

For our practices that are using Fin365, the Qwrk Outsourcing- Fin365 merger provides an even more aligned team. Ren, our Software Services Manager, the Data Analysts, and I will continue to support you — simply through the Fin365 channel. 

We are incredibly excited by the partnership ahead! 

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Greater transparency for managing your Client Services Officers and Dedicated Paraplanners 

Our clients that have dedicated team members are now invited to our new monthly check-ins with their Team Leader (CSOs – Client Services Officer) or Support Manager (DPPs – Dedicated Paraplanners). 

We see this as an opportunity to open the lines of communication between us to ensure that we are supporting the clients in the ways they need us to. Does their team member need additional training support? Would they like to commend them on a job well done? Would they like to introduce new tasks to them? This is the chance to ensure that we are aligned to achieve their Practice’s goals. 


New Client Services offering for Mortgage Broking 

We know that many of our practices offer mortgage broking services and have been looking for administrative support in this area. 

We are pleased to announce that we are currently building the offering out- with initial training underway – focussing on AFG to start with. 

We are initially training 4 CSO- Mortgage Broking team members, so if you are interested in taking a team member on part time or full time, please let us know – we would love to help! 


Xplan Advice Suite 

We, like you, are very keen to see the AMP Production process become faster, more efficient, easier! 

We wanted to let you know that we have registered for the initial Xplan Advice Suite training and are eagerly awaiting to see whether it will be more efficient in the advice development space. Once we have assessed and trialled this, we will be back in touch — we have all our fingers (and toes) crossed. 

Thank you for your continued support of Qwrk Outsourcing (formerly SMSF Paraplanners) — we love to help! If you have any suggestions, ideas, or need additional support- please reach out, we would love to hear from you. 

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