How do you keep your outsourced team members? 🤔

Twitter style layout with text Once you have a great team member on board, how do you keep them?

By: Jo Hall (FSSA™ CFP®DipFP BApplEcon), Managing Director, Qwrk Outsourcing


This is one of the most important questions to address whenever you have a valuable outsourced team member on board.

Now I can only talk for the Philippines, but I can tell you that the team members in the Philippines are exactly the same as Australian team members. Many of them are career focussed, too!


💡 The very best way to keep any outsourced team member is to ensure that your team member can grow with your practice.


When outsourcing, in the Philippines or elsewhere, it is important that you look for a provider that goes beyond basic support for your outsourced team.

Making sure that they are growing career-wise, of course, is going to depend on your practice and the type of service you are looking for.

If you are looking for Seat Leasing, then you will be in control of the team member and their training anyway so it will be up to you as to how you see that person progressing.

But there are outsourcing providers out there, such as Qwrk., that see this as a partnership opportunity.

So from our perspective, we place a large deal of emphasis on growth and development of each team member in each role.

Remember, a team member who can grow with your practice is more likely to remain dedicated and motivated, ultimately benefiting both the individual and your business.




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